Maiju Markkanen 

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Perustin Dashing Designers-sivuston, koska halusin tuoda suomalaista suunnitteluosaamista ja pienempiä muotibrändejä esille. Nykyään sivustolta löytyy myös minun blogipostauksia, asukuvia sekä  vinkkejä ekologisempiin valintoihin. Mia Rikberg kirjoittaa myös satunnaisesti kauneuteen liittyvistä teemoista.

Why I started Dashing Designers?

Finland is full of talented people, promising brands and inspiring designers. These people work hard towards their dreams. The idea behind Dashing Designers website was born to help these people working in the fashion industry.

We believe not only in talented designers, but also in kind hearts and ethical values. Our team gives its support to brands, that develop good quality products and take human rights into consideration in their manufacturing processes.

We collaborate with photographers, makeup-artist, models and bloggers. The most important thing is not only to create beautiful content, but to also build great relationships and have an awesome time. We believe great photos can make a difference. Follow the website for Company introductions and Blog Posts.

Dashing Designers is all about teamwork, dreams and acts of kindness.

Like Robert Ingersoll said:

“We rise by lifting others”